I’m on my way

A new day, a new page – a blank blog! What a blank blog? Yes. All shiny and new waiting for me to fill its posts with content. How exiting!

Not everything in life is soft and shiny. I was tickling my daughter today, when she looked up and asked: “there’s a thorn”. “No, there’s no thorn my dear!” I replied. She took my big hand into her two little ones and inspected mine. Indeed there was no thorn and we went on cuddling. Then as I sat down to write, I noticed this harder part of skin on my hand. On her soft delicate skin it must have felt like a thorn.

To the delicate even the smallest things can seem like thorns. And life presents us with some really hard realities sometimes. It is difficult to keep on laughing when we feel these irritants. It is even harder when things wound us.

When shadows turn to monsters in the dark, life does not always give us the option of sleeping with the light on. Anxiety takes on a new meaning – when you feel that “they” are out to get you. Thus I’m so grateful for all the wonderful friends I’ve met online, who were nothing but supportive when I announced I’d be shutting down my old blog along with all its social media accounts.

To you I say thank you.

As for the rest of it I’m still piecing together the puzzle of the new social media accounts and the like. A blank slate, is just what the doctor ordered, with a side of serenity. Deciding stuff, is sometimes hard. We are faced with so many choices. Do I wear the white or the blue shirt today? This road or that? And what if all the items on the menu look equally yummy? I still wonder on some of the choices I’ve made along this road of life. The only way to know if things are right or wrong is if you have a measure of peace with the selection you made.

As I find courage to put words to world again I’d like you to join me along the way. I’m still out of commission so to say. I’m not back yet, but I’m on my way.



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