Saved by the Chocolate #ShortStory

When I’m going through hard times there is nothing better than a good bit of fiction to get lost into. I was lying with a sick child on my chest and with other sorrows occupying my mind I had nothing better to do than to dream up a bit of fiction for all of you to enjoy with me.


Ronovan Writes has a new Fiction prompt out. This submission may actually not make the deadline since at the point of writing I’m not within range of an internet connection. My apologies for the long submission.

There is nothing like getting away from the woes of Facebook to stimulate some actual writing. Either way, late or not I hope you enjoy this little story. The prompt words fit well into this plot; I simply could not resist writing a submission.


Please feel free to critique my writing – since this would be the only way for me to learn to improve the craft.




Saved by the chocolate


Robert had been introduced to Christine’s family just a little short of a year ago. Marc who was a beefed up version of Captain America had taken a firm grip of Robert’s outstretched hand and said “If, you break her heart I’ll break your nose… and some other parts.” He then patted Robert on the back and said “Welcome to the family”.

His twin brother was not much different. Theo greeted Robert with a big smile. He took the outstretched hand in an attempt to crush it. Then pulled the older Robert closer and hugged him. While he did this Theo whispered in Robert’s ear “break her honor and you will find yourself without a manhood”. Theo then smiled and said “We are now practically family”.


It was the same crushing handshakes that greeted Robert today.

“Hello, come in Rob, come” Christine’s mother saved him.

“Hi mom” Christine hugged her mom and followed the in her fifties year old woman to the dining room table. This soon filled with the rest of the family.

“How’s the writing business going Rob?” Christine’s older sister Lea asked.

Robert smiled and said “It’s going well. My latest romance hit the New York times best seller list last week”

“Really, that’s interesting” Christine’s father commented after swallowing his bite of mashed potatoes.

“You should read it. He’s a brilliant writer” Christine said.

“Ah that’s not exactly my cup of tea Honey; perhaps your mother would be more interested.” Christine’s father said.

“I’ve read it. It’s quite a juicy story, I must say.” Christine’s mother said.

“Talking about juicy stories, Christine you’ve got a brand new bling shining on your finger. Is it what I think it is?” Lea asked.

“Well, it must be – she would not wear a ring on the ring finger if it wasn’t.” Christine’s mother said.

Christine smiled. “I can hide nothing. Yes, I said yes okay?”

“How in the hay did he get that right?” Lea asked.

“How in the hay indeed?” said Theo and plummeted his own fork a bit forcefully into the piece of roast chicken.

“Oh come off it Theo, your mind is always going to the wrong place. I’m sure it was perfectly romantic” said Christine’s mother who looked to her daughter for an answer.

Christine turned scarlet and quickly placed a piece of roast chicken into her own mouth. After swallowing and realizing that the eye’s of the whole table where waiting on her every word she said “Well, I thought I’d let Rob tell you. He is after all the better story-teller.”

“Oh don’t sell yourself short. Your writing talent will soon be discovered. You need to just keep at it. It’s not easy to make a name as a writer.” Robert said.

“Excuse me. I need the little boy’s room” he said hoping no one noticed this was a diversion. He hoped they would have come to another topic of discussion by the time of his return.

The rest-room was not far from the dining-room. He could hear the conversation going on.

“That’s not a diamond is it?” Lea asked

“Perhaps he did not have time to pick a proper ring.” Christine’s mother said.

“It’s a blue sapphire. Diamonds are so old-fashioned mom!” Christine said.

“Well you have an old-fashioned kind of fiance. How’d he come up with that?” Lea asked.

“More like old, period.” Marc said while Theo snorted.

“Come now boys.” Christine’s dad said.

“I’m twenty-three years old. It does not matter how old he is. It’s my choice. And I love him. I wish you two would lay off the age thing already.” Christine said.

“He’s almost as old as Dad.” Theo said.

“He’s fifteen years older than me. That hardly makes him as old as Dad!” Christine said.


Robert recognized the tone in her voice. She was getting mad. He better get in there. He still had a big problem. There was no cover story of how he actually asked her to marry him. Perhaps he would be safe and the topic would be dropped. He wished he had gone for the fireworks idea. Or even the romantic dinner by candle-light. The classics where so over-rated and Christine was a complex woman. Christine, the mere thought of her – Christine in the shower. No, No erase that – he thought. He should be coming up with a cover story. He could write a bestseller, yet he could not come up with a cover story to save his neck. He saw himself all beaten and broken, lying in a hospital bed. Perhaps he should take the girl and run. In the picture of his mind of the back yard, a majestic steed appeared. They would leap over the wall. He’d grab Christine with her hair all wet from the shower and only a towel on. Then they’d gallop off into the sunset. It was a plot-line which had worked for countless movie stars. No, be practical, he thought. Theo had parked in such a way that it blocked their access to the exit. He could not go out there and plead sick. The muscular arms of both Marc and Theo would object. The truth, the truth shall set you free, a voice in his head said. Yes, or it shall set me in a cast, he thought.


With nothing but the truth, Robert headed back to the dinner table. He found that it had been cleared of the main course and that desert was already on his plate waiting for him. His eyes fell on Christine. For this event she had put her honey-blond hair up. She wore a brown eye shadow and mascara. Her luscious full lips and bone structure came out with the way she had her hair.


In front of her was a dish with creamy chocolate moose. He watched her put a small spoon full in her mouth. She closed her eyes and played absentmindedly with her earring. Watching her eat a chocolate dish was always something he could not resist. She would have been the perfect actress for any chocolate commercial.


“So Robert, do tell – how did you ask my sister to marry you. We are practically all prickling with curiosity.” Theo said.

Robert took his time sitting down. All eyes where on him. He looked at the dish in front of him and said: “Chocolate”.

“Yes, we’re having chocolate moose today. Now do tell.” Lea said.

Christine was still lost in her own mouthful of the desert and it seemed she was not paying much attention to what was being said at the dinner table.

“It was chocolate.” Robert said.

“What was chocolate?” Christine’s mother asked.

“You know how your daughter loves chocolate?” Robert looked only at Christine’s mother now.

“Well yes, the child practically fell into her second birthday cake” the woman answered.

“Yes, I remember. We still have stacks of photos of her covered in chocolate.” Lea said.

“Well I took Christine out camping” Robert said and he felt a sharp pain on his foot.

He looked at Christine who must have just given him a heavy kick. He calmly placed hand on the back of her shoulder and continued. “Well, you know those kinds of chocolate puddings you get which come in a mug?”

“The ones with the gooey chocolate sauce center” Christine said dreamily.

“I made us those and was spoon-feeding Christine. When I got to the chocolate center I held a little stick with the ring in front of her face and asked her to marry me. I withheld the next spoon full until she said yes.” Robert said.

“Seduced by chocolate! Go figure. Only with Christine would you ever succeed” Marc said while Theo shook his head.

“Oh my!” Christine’s mother giggled.


Later as once they had gotten into their car to leave, Christine looked at Robert. “I almost thought you’d tell them the truth!”

“What? And risk a trip to the emergency room. I don’t think so.” Robert said.

“They where all eating from your hand. You know I would have said yes if you had done it like that” she said.

“I liked my way better.” He had a broad smile on his face.

“Yes, quite enjoyable” she said and slapped his chest playfully.







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