Shining Seeds the podcast – Episode 0

We never know to which ends our thoughts may be carried…..

There is a new thing happening here today. Click the play button to listen to the full podcast, which you can also continue reading – but this is not a word by word transcription.


Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Shining Seeds – Podcast. This here would be episode 0. Yes I’m starting at zero – an introductory to what this all about.

Firstly I’m a blogger. The podcasts are an extension of my blog and blogging ideas. I started blogging not too long ago in 2014. A few months ago I realized my blog was not really working for me any longer and I closed it.

What I needed was a fresh start with a focus. Fabulously niche free, as some in the blogging circles like to call it was not really working for me. I also needed something else with my blog to help my readers connect better with me.

I had a dream….

Well not literally, as a teen growing up there was something I’ve always really enjoyed and that is listening to the radio. It’s something I still enjoy. Not just the music but the fun and informative things radio DJ’s get to talk about. Well time has gone by, but my dream of being a radio star has not happened. I’m obviously not a radio star. You see – I’ve got stage fright. But as technology would have it – some new things have developed over the years one of those things is called a podcast.

This means you would be able to download the episode from iTunes or Audio Mack and you can take me along on your smart phone while you are driving, jogging, cooking or whatever else it is you enjoy doing.


So what is Shining Seeds all about?

When I talk about seeds – I mean this metaphorically. Seeds are ideas and thoughts we have. They are ideas of other people who we come by and ponder on. In the sixties there was a very famous song by Simon and Garfunkel – The sounds of silence.

These are some very power lyrics which are still very much applicable today. Simon and Garfunkel sang:

Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.”

(The Sounds of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel)

With the ever global reach of Social Media and the internet as a whole it has become easier for people to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas. These things are not always positive. It seems we are all a mass of screaming individuals wanting to be heard, lost within the sound of silence.

The thing is our ideas as bloggers can influence the opinions of the masses. To me it is important to make this world just a little more positive – to have my words impact the world collective in a positive manner. I do not desire the seeds of darkness but the seeds of light. Therefore I have Shining Seeds.

So that’s how the name came about.

Many times I write from a place of Depression. Depression is a tricky monster. Those of us in this mindset tend to see things differently. It is my aim to be uplifting not only for myself but also to those who read and hear my words.

I’d like to focus on a very broad field which is called wellness. That is really one of those new-age type of words, isn’t it? It boils down to a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being – which is how Wikipedia defines that term. That is really a huge aspect to that little definition. I mean sometimes it takes only a little thing to disturb a person’s feeling of well-being.

Isn’t it odd that if your pinkie finger is hurt, you’ll always bump it against something? And then that will cause you pain. Sometimes it’s the little things. Sometimes it the bigger things.

Body, mind and spirit has become somewhat of a catchphrase these days.

My blog has it listed as – shape, sense & spirit. Yea – I have something with the letter S.

Anyhow, along with that I also focus on writing and literature. So we will see how far these little seeds will fly and what they will grow into. My hope is that you will find my blog and podcasts – informative, entertaining and uplifting.

There will always be a post to accompany the podcasts – to enable you to leave comments and also for links and such like which I may want to put up.


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