Stay with me – #haiku / Freku Challenge 76

As night turns to day

Sing to my heart come what may

Forever you’ll stay

Think of me only, I say!


In this dreary world

In chains our paths become swirled

Try to go alone

Dominance will make you moan!


From me you’ll beg more

When your pride is on the floor.

Kicking and screaming in dread

In the silence of your shed

They don’t hear cries from your bed.


Wrapped up in restrains

Does in mad passion remain

Means to end this spell?



Ron’s Freku written for his Haiku challenge. Prompt words: Sing & Day.

I set off to write a Haiku and it reminded me of the song by: Shakespears Sister – Stay.  I then turned the Haiku into the above Feku instead.

Does the song resonate with you? Your thoughts on the poem?


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