Set sail in a pirate tale – My review of Jaded Tides by @PSBartlett

Come let author P.S. Bartlett take you on an adventure – on the high seas. Climb aboard her book “Jaded Tides”.


“Jaded Tides” is a Historical Romance Adventure by P.S. Bartlett. It is the latest in her “the Razors Adventures Pirate Tales” series. Bartlett first published the book “the Blue Diamond” which takes place further down the line to this “Jaded Ties” book.

“Jaded Tides” takes place after the adventure set out in “Demons and Pearls” – where we are introduced to the heroines’ Ivory Shepard’s first love – Captain Rasmus Bergman (Big Red). While the book is certainly a fast-paced adventure on the high seas, it is also a passionate love story. I liked Rasmus in “Demons and Pearls” – I completely fell head over heels in love with him right along with the heroine, in  “Jaded Tides”.  Jaded Tides takes Ivory and Rasmus on an adventure to save some young women who have fallen prey to the sex slave trade.

And if I am correct in my assumption, after reading the first chapter of the next installment (although this is a prequel – can I then say next installment?) (co-authored with Ronovan Hester) out in February Amber Wake” takes a closer look at Rasmus’s tale, which is certainly one I wish to read – Right. Now.


It is hard to write a review on this book without remarking on the others in the series, but it should be obvious that I really, really liked this book right along with the rest of the series. It is wonderful when an author manages to write a series, which grows in strength. I love reading series because you already have set of characters, which you know and love.

Herewith also comes the problem. I know as an author it may be necessary to advance the story, but for a reader it is plainly painful when an author kills off one of his or her darlings. This has not happened – yet.  Having read “the Blue Diamond” it is something; I know that will happen somewhere down the line, perhaps in the next installment or the one thereafter.

That knowledge puts one on the edge when reading this book. I kept on wondering – when it will happen? I do not know if this was intentional by the author or not – but it is the affect reading this series is having on me. I would call it nail biting.

The aspect I enjoy most in this series is that the protagonist is a strong willed and powerful female. I like it when women don’t conform to societies expectations. It makes me want to say – “BOOM, way to go my sister!”

Trying not to give away too much here, but “Jaded Ties” ended a bit on a cliffhanger. I defiantly want to know what happens next. I want to see Ivory kick some pirate behind (although she is more likely to get herself into a sword fight – but you get the picture) in the next installment or in the one thereafter.

Is “Jaded Tides” a book I’d recommend? – YES.

Is “Jaded Tides” a book one could enjoy reading without reading the others in the series first? – YES, “Jaded Tides” is a very exciting tale all on its own.

However, I would recommend reading “Demons and Peals” first. It gives “Jaded Tides” so much more substance.

Jaded Tides gets a very exiting 4 out of 5 stars from me.


You can find out more about the series and  Author P.S Bartlett’s on the links below:


Author site:

Jaded Ties on Amazon





In addition, simply because I absolutely love this trailer – check this out too:


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