Thankfully Coffee – the first of sweet sixteen

Did you know that gratitude lowers your stress levels? Gratitude has many wonderful benefits on our personal health and for those around us. Your body emits energy waves, which affect the way someone will feel in your presence. Have you ever walked into a room and felt immediately at ease? Perhaps taking note of the opposite is easier. Ever walk into an office or other place and notice the tension in the room?



Apart from the ambiance of the room or space itself, the energy of the people occupying this space play a huge role in how someone feels when stepping into this space. Now I could go into the energy we send out into the word. I could use words such as chakras, personal aura, brain waves and even heart rhythm. I will not get into details. It is all kind of – out there. The mechanics of it all is debatable. Fact is; our thought life affects our health. A powerful tool to affect your thought life is gratitude.


This is something my friend Annette has recognized. Her podcast on blog-talk-radio “perspective power” does just that. She uses Gratitude to shift the perspective and help people see the superpower that is being Thankful.

All that being said, I’d like to get some of that healthy energy into my own life. Which is why you will see me joining the 10 things of Thankful blog hop. It’s also an opportunity to share with you a little bloggers coffee chat.


If we were having coffee, I’d give you a great big hug and say “Happy sweet 20.16!” It has been super hot in this part of the globe so I’d probably offer you a cool beverage along with that coffee.


Yesterday as I sat down with my own mug of coffee ready to get into some blog reading I noticed with annoyance that my computer has crashed.


Thankfully there is a back-up plan


Can you imagine a blogger without a PC? It is simply one of the most frustrating feelings. Thankfully I’ve got a back up plan in the form of an old laptop that I’m currently using until I can come up with money for a better solution.

Thankfully I’ve got an amazing husband


At first, I thought there was something wrong with my power cable. If it was only that simple! I found another one and tested it. Alas, the thing still had no power. My wonderful husband has opened the PC up and looked at the power supply. This is also not the problem. My husband will now take the thing and see what he can do about it. Mind you if the mother board is fried even the best handy man on planet earth would not be able to breathe life back into that machine. But I’m super thankful that I am married to the best handy man on planet earth.

So I spent most my time yesterday that would have gone into writing blog post updating this old thing in hopes that it will hold out until I get a better solution.


There’s something wrong with the sound, and even after updating the drivers I still can’t get it to play anything beyond that one beep sound it occasionally makes. Even Google could not solve that problem. This means that I will not be able to create any new podcasts. This is kind of bummer since I was planning to make this my weekend project.


No sound computer is far better than no computer.



Talking about back up plan and computers that need updating, I am thankful for all the free resources one finds on the internet these days.


Big whoop for FREE!

I was thankful for the Drop box service – which allows you to save all your most important documentation,this means that my book projects have not gone missing. That was defiantly one of the most vital things I’ve been working on.


I’m also thankful for the free programs that protect my computer and help in its maintenance. Advance System Care has shown itself to be a very useful overall tool.

Now I do realize these free tools are offered as a snag to get me to buy these products – but I’m still thankful for them.

Another free tool I’ve found is one by Om Harmonics.


Rediscovering Meditation

Om Harmonics offers a free binaural meditation audio. I’ve been researching meditation methodology. Binaural beets have in the past proven the most effective for me. The audio’s I do have are however somewhat outdated. This new audio is much more pleasant on the ear. If you have no idea, what I’m talking about –  I will be writing posts on this subject as I rediscover Meditation. … Stay tuned.


That said a big thankful goes to Meditation. It is really a remarkable personal growth method. Strange story that how I started blogging and how I now believe meditation played a huge part in that.

The powder of DOOM


Household bugs, urg… especially that yucky one, they say would withstand a nuclear bomb has been pestering me lately. If you think, it is odd for someone on a spiritual journey to be bothered by that – well I’m not that spiritual or maybe I’m not that far along my path. Which ever I am super thankful for the Doom powder I discovered works really well. It looks like baby powder that you put on all those places the yucky crawlers tend to walk on most. Like with other households, the biggest problem is around the sink (wash basin). Dust the area where they crawl into, lightly with powder and wolla! Now ain’t I happy you did not see any here while enjoying your coffee.



Lots of hugs and kisses


If you had been sitting here, you would be laughing at my active little toddler. Perhaps she would even have graced you with a hug and a kiss, as she is so fond of doing. Mini-Me has been off to visit her grandparents for the holidays. Friday she came back. I can say my heart was overjoyed in having her back. I’m so thankful for this little bright spark in my universe.




A few years ago I had a strong sense to walk into a Christian bookshop, which was next to the grocer I was intending on going to. In it I found a wonderful book by Joyce Meyer – which I never quite finished reading. This book has now become an inspiration for my “Little Seedlings” feature I’m running on my social media.

I’ve also rediscovered another book by Doreen Virtue called “Healing with the Angels” which offers wonderful spiritual insights I’ve since forgotten about. There are a few more treasure chests on the bookshelf behind me, which I have yet to re-pursue.


It is important that we nourish our minds and spirit to keep ourselves on a positive path.



Beautiful blogs

That said as I’ve been finding some wonderful blogs filled with wonderful insight on all subjects relating to wellness.




I’m so abundantly thankful for water. I have mentioned this before, but we are still experiencing a severe drought. The flora in the area is suffering. The flowers and I are very thankful for each drop we have received over the last week. Water truly is vital to life. With no water, there are no baths, showers, flushing toilets and no way to clean dirty dishes and clothing.





Finally yet importantly, I am thankful for that magical brew most writers seem to consume right along with air. It is this love of coffee that connects many bloggers and writers. It gives us something to talk about, makes us feel connected. Writing is truly a solitary enjoyment, but coffee well that is awesome shared.


Now I hand the mug to you; tell me for what are you thankful? What would you tell me if we were having coffee? Connect with the local coffee crew here and get your thankful on here.






16 thoughts on “Thankfully Coffee – the first of sweet sixteen”

  1. Yes, we all have a lot to be thankful for and all of us need to find more gratitude. Well, i can’t talk for others, but I do. I’m glad you had a backup plan for your computer. No sound can be annoying, but no computer can stop everything! About 2 years ago the motherboard on my PC fried. My only option was getting a new one.

    I hope you have a great week ahead!


  2. Welcome. Love the coffee and thankful linkups.
    I know what it’s like to have no mode for communication, as when I stupidl destroyed my own precious laptop last spring. I am using a loner from someone, thankfully, but sometimes there is no going back.
    Glad I can still be here and glad you can too.
    Spark in your universe. Love that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so happy you’re joining us in the TToT! Love your post and seeing all the beautiful things you’re doing to be well and happy and at peace. Looking forward to that meditation post. I kind of have a love/hate with it. I like the benefits, but my personality does not enjoy so much…stillness. But I think that’s part of why I chose the word calm for my 2016 word. I need more of it!


  4. I’m very thankful for the Weekend Coffee Share crew, because I haven’t participated in an online blog group in a long time, and this one is a nice group that makes for a nice Sunday afternoon read. You’re at the height of your summer heat, while here we have had our first real snow and bitter cold of the season, yet I suppose I’m grateful for the frigid weather because I’m getting a whole lot of writing done!


  5. You have so many wonderful things on your thankful list, but I think the ones I relate to most are that you have a way to access the Blogosphere even though your computer is broken, and THANK GOODNESS you have a wonderful husband to try to patch up your broken one, and THANK THANK GOODNESS you didn’t lose all your work.

    But yeah…water…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Handy husbands are wonderful! Mine fixed my treadmill this week.
    I’ve also been thankful for rain this week–every drop helps in a drought!


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