#WeeklySmile, Little Seedlings and a bucket of #inspiration

What made you smile this week? What made you happy? Perhaps you dragged along the week like any other, half on auto-pilot while life flashed in front of your eyes. Well Darlings, I’m here to tell you that I’m alive and if you are reading this so are you.

What made me smile this week? – the #WeeklySmile

That’s easy peasy – my husband walked in the door yesterday and declared, “You owe me a crate of beer and a bottle of whisky”. The best handyman on planet earth has fixed my PC. WHOOP! Now who can advise me on a good type of whisky to get?  Seems, after all, it was my power supply which got fried and not my hard-drive.

contagious smile

Little Seedlings

Broken PC or not, my backup plan enabled me to get my Little Seedlings planted into the fertile soil that is the Internet. It is a feature which is motivating me to focus on my own personal growth on a daily basis. For those who don’t know (and since I didn’t really make some big announcement), Little Seedlings is a daily feature I’m running on my Social Media. They provide a fresh snippet of inspiration or something to think on. The goal is to have one for each of the 366 Days of 2016.

In case you missed out here is your:

Bucket of inspiration






I especially like this one as a food for thought for today:


You can also find all of these along with the previous Little Seedlings on my Facebook Page.


What has made you smile this week?



5 thoughts on “#WeeklySmile, Little Seedlings and a bucket of #inspiration”

  1. Glad the PC is fixed. I don’t drink whiskey, but I recently ha d a little Jack Daniels and was able to sip it without an issue. And I get a smile every time I see one of your little seedlings on FB 🙂 Thanks for the smile.


      1. I understand about finding a positive thought – I had a hard time doing the A Smile a Day, and I had a much broader range I could choose from. I hope you keep finding those shiny seeds for us!


  2. SO glad your PC is fixed. There is nothing worse than being without a suitable machine, especially when it’s such a vital part of your world.

    YAY for your husband.

    And your little shining seeds are beautiful light-bringing things. I’m glad you’re putting them out there. What a wonderful intention xoxoox


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