#BeReal – Sarina Steinlein

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Title: Why does the creative spirit dare to #BeReal?
Written by: Sarina Steinlein
Blogger at: Sarina Steinlein


Why do poets write? Why do artists paint? Why do musicians sing? What is this compulsion of the creatively minded individual?

Some will say the reason for their sleepless nights and endless consummation of caffeine is a crazy black two-legged bat laced with Victoria’s Secret lingerie. It is our muse run amok.

You thought it is all fame and fortune, No?

Some are deceived. There used to be a Meme I’d circulate on social media. On it written, “What do writers want more than coffee?” One of my followers answered back. He claimed it that was easy. Writers want lots of money. This made me frown. It made me realize you have two different types of creative people. Why you create often has a huge effect on the quality of your creations. For…

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