You, me, a Weekend Coffee Share – Stop and smell the aroma.

Hmmm, smell that? The air tastes of coffee. It’s this scent in the air – if we were having coffee. Nonsense, no if – we are having coffee.
Sigh, I can hardly hold two thoughts together without some interruption. Always something needs rushing, something else that needs finishing and ten more things that need my attention. Where is one to have time to savor the aroma of life? I am sorry – I’m blabbering. Taking a deep breath now. It is after all just you and me here and I certainly have time to enjoy coffee and a bit of cold pudding while we are at it.

The birds are singing and there is an inviting breeze in the air. It invites you to take a breath and relax. It is, after all, weekend. Kick off your shoes and put up your feet. Life is a journey, but we seem to be rushing it these days. I can’t believe it’s already past mid-January. I was planning to have a podcast out for you to listen to by now. I know you don’t mind – it’s just something I wanted to do for you. It’s not always easy to be reading. Sometimes you’d rather be listening. A new way to connect. That’s what it is.


See I’ve been missing you. Sincerely, the day’s don’t have enough hours for us to get in touch, it has left me feeling somewhat lonely – I know you feel it too. Did you see the bit of micro-poetry I left up yesterday? It came with an amazing song too, titled: “I will never leave you children”. Sometimes I think we have separation anxiety, which is why the song is so soothing.
Hear me out! It’s not that far out there. People are not meant to be solitary creatures. We come from a place of love and companionship, forced into a physical body. Then we have that voice which is supposed to be our guide in this life however, it has gone crazy. I’ve been reading up on this voice. Some call it the ego mind. I think the term is fitting. There is nothing worse than a whacked up navigator is. Like a broken GPS that will tell you to go round and round in the same old circle. Not only does this make you dizzy, but it also leaves you lost and confused. Seriously – what’s up with that? Am I even making any sense?
That is why we need coffee. We need to be able to let ourselves take a breath. Breathe and savor the aroma. Stop rushing. Enjoy what we are doing. Then we’ll stop feeling tired and burnt out.

Why not stop by my social media accounts. I’ve got a tiny feature called little seedlings running on there. It’s about having one positive thought or something to think on each day. Social Media can feel so overwhelming at times.



That’s all I’ve wanted to leave you with today. The thought of good coffee.  If you enjoy this indulgent aroma – you can stop by other coffee bloggers here.


4 thoughts on “You, me, a Weekend Coffee Share – Stop and smell the aroma.”

  1. I can so relate with the not being able to hold thoughts together at the moment.
    I have so many ideas and projects and project ideas that I don’t know where to start.
    Good luck with the podcast, what platform do you think you’ll be hosting on? I am asking as I am in the idea phase of my podcast project myself. I agre sometimes we like to listen.


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