Haiku Friday: challenge 81

An echoing trill

Her last breath, his manic thrill

And all remained still

Only the new moon

Silent witness, thought the loon

His joy much too soon


The source of pleasure

Through charm he’d add a treasure

New pain, no measure.


The mute eye watcher

Would become, Jolly Roger

A screaming stalker

Once upon a time

This tale told in sneezing rhyme

Happy end bring mine.


This haiku versed poetry is brought to you in response to Ronovan’s Haiku challenge. This weeks challenge words are: Trill and Final. I’ve replaced the word “final” with the word “last”, since they have the same meaning.

An interesting phrase in the poem is “Jolly Roger“, which has the meaning: a pirate’s flag with a white skull and crossbones on a black background – hmm I did not know that, so I’d thought to share. It popped up as I was looking for rhymes.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks sneeze inspired poetry. Check out this link for more Haiku of the week. 


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