This is not a drill! #AtoZChallenge

Boo! No, these are not words you are seeing as part of some lucid dream. Your coffee has not been dosed with an hallucinatory drug. Although the dark zombie like circles around your eyes may cause all kinds of fantasies, these words are not part of that. They are real actual words right here on Shining Seeds (which is the name of this Web blog – in case you forgot.)

In times of drought, harvest tends to be low. You can water all you like and still find this to be truth. I’ve been suffering the drought of fatigue and “just too busy”. Subsequently, I left the Internet off for a week. Even fertile soil needs time to recuperate.

Okay, enough with the planting  metaphors. You have to excuse me. I’m running on one cup of coffee, which is quite a cut back. There is actually a point to this post besides reminding you of the fact that you are awake. I did not want to accidentally cause the Internet to break when this place becomes a hub of activity.

Darling, the A to Z challenge is upon us. I happen to have a secret crush on the Alphabet, I simply could not resist. Since I missed the official theme reveal date, I take this opportunity to introduce you to my topic for the month of April 2016.



Yes surprise, surprise to anyone who has read my About page. Anyhow Darling, I hope to see you around.

True to mine own self there shall not be boredom. This stuff may shock your socks off.


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