B is for breath. A to Z on wellness

“And, lips, O you the doors of breath,” – William Shakespeare

BBreath. It is the sign of life; a mother clings to as she hears her newborn baby cry for the first time. As the little thing lies in its cot we sit there, marvel as the subtle rise, and fall of that little ribcage indicating that the precious being before us is indeed filled with life.
From Shakespeare to Sting we have been writing (and singing) about breath for hundreds of years. Breath is part of our every moment. In that, we take it for granted. We forget how important it is to us. We don’t pay attention to how it can be even more beneficial to our wellness.

Breathe to combat stress and anxiety

As you are sitting there – reading this article – breath is filling your lungs. Indeed, as I am sitting here, my own lungs are taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide. Marvelous. Ingenious. Energy conversion. All that without even having to think about it.

Now, focus your awareness on your inhaling and exhaling. This respiring is even more instinctual and natural to your being than thinking. Our mind fills with millions of thoughts each day. We are often heavily laden. We worry about the future. We are filled with regret and pain of the past. Our hearts and minds filled with stress and anxiety; we forget that in this moment, we have been given a tool so obviously in front of our nose – we don’t realize the extent of its calming ability. Never undervalue the authority of the simple breath. It can help you live in the present moment because it is always in this moment. Breathe darling. Breathe.

Being present in the now is the core of what mindfulness is all about. Being mindful, can be a huge contributing factor to our own mental health and overall wellbeing.Apart from mindfulness, concentrating on the breath is applied in meditation, yoga, and even exercise.The revelation of breath is the first step in a more balanced you. Mind, body, spirit all connected by this vital thread.


Breath the sand in our hourglass of life?

Some say each of us have only a specific time on earth to live. Some yogis believe to each is allocated only a specific amount of breaths. Once our breaths are up – much like sand in the hourglass of time – our time is up. This never rang truer than for one who has been at the sick bed of a aged relative taking his last labored breaths. In the same manner, as we watch our babies breathing so, we may also sit attentively at the sickbed of our loved ones.
With so much attention to the breath at the start and end of a life, has it not become time for you to pay attention to your breath right now?

Further reading

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Imagine. If this is what I do with the simple breath- don’t you want to see what else I have in store?

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profile-pic-2Sarina often sat on the peaks of the dunes of Southern Africa watching the ocean tide drift in. A daydreamer, often dreaming up stories for lands somewhere over the rainbow. She is a mother, a wife, a blogger and an overall creative spirit. Above all, she is a human being.

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4 thoughts on “B is for breath. A to Z on wellness”

  1. Darin’s, I am really enjoying your series, and I am so curious what you have in store…
    Now, as I was reading, laying in bed breastfeeding my daughter and listening to her breathing… I felt a calm coming over me.
    Sometimes taken the moment to breathe can be so revitalising, so mind clearing, so helpful.


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