F is for Feng Shui. #AtoZChallenge on wellness

The Chinese word for wind is “Feng” while the word for water is “Shui”. Wind and Water, the two natural elements that flow and circulate through the earth. feng-shui-wind-water
As mentioned in an earlier post, throughout life, there is a constant flow, an exchange of energy. The moon circles the earth. The earth revolves around the sun. The sun orbits the Milky Way galaxy…. Yea, really! On an atomic level (very small) – there is the same model in place. At the center of the atom, we have a nucleus. The electrons of that atom orbit the nucleus. Everything in this universe is comprised of energy. Everything is always in motion. Energy flows and each of us has our own energy.

FFeng Shui looks at the arrangement of an object. Its energy flow, and how that energy affects our own energy. In essence, placing objects within one’s personal living and working environment in balance with the natural flow of our energy has a harmonizing effect on our being.
That sounds all wooshi washi and I was trying to keep it simple. Simpler yet, have you ever walked into a room and felt immediately at ease? The place simply felt like home? On the other hand, perhaps the opposite was a bit more evident? Walk into a space and felt somewhat stressed out? Most of us don’t take note of these subtle shifts in energy in the places we visit, but they do exist.
Plants, nature, and flowing water have a natural way to put us at ease. This is why Feng Shui looks at placing these elements into certain areas of our living space to balance out our chi (which is the actual word for our personal energy).

Feng Shui in the office

In an office environment, better Feng Shui can help increase our concentration and productivity.
For example, it is considered better Feng Shui if you can place your office chair and desk in such a manner that you can see the people stepping into your office by simply looking up. If people can move in on you, behind your back this disrupts your chi. Since my desk and chair are placed at the wrong end of the office, I find this to be true. I constantly have people walking behind me or coming up behind me. I find this annoying and feel that I don’t have any sense of privacy. In the open plan office, I work at, though there is not very much I can do about it. A quick Feng Shui fix for my dilemma is mirrored. I have two small mirrors placed in front of me in such a way that I can see who is walking up behind me.

While the solution is not ideal and I really would prefer my own corner office 😉 I will take what I can get.
We cannot always put plants in all the ideal areas. However, even a picture of a beautiful waterfall has wondrous effects on how a space feels. In addition, some of us are stuck in front of a P.C. monitor all day. You may have read all the bad effects this has on our health. I always have Rose Quartz on my desk preferably somewhere between the monitor and myself. Rose Quartz absorbs some of the bad energy a monitor emits.

I have given a few economic examples. Feng Shui is not only for people who can afford expensive interior decorators. These day’s you can find everyday solutions to fit your pocket.

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8 thoughts on “F is for Feng Shui. #AtoZChallenge on wellness”

  1. I have a Feng Shui Pinterest board and I added your post. I’ve been quite interested in Feng Shui and I think my office can use a redo. I put a metal turtle in one corner, some red flowers in another space and I moved the clock. I think it’s time for a purging and I’m going to get some rose quartz.


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