T is for Tai Chi. #AtoZChallenge on #Wellness

Everything in life consists of two opposing forces, which harmonize to form the whole. Like the concept of yin-yang, this is the philosophy behind :

TTai Chi.

Originally a form of martial art, Tai Chi has now been transformed into a form of meditative exercise.
Tai Chi is known to be a low-impact exercise. This means it is very beneficial to people who can’t do “normal” exercise. People with health issues such as fibromyalgia and arthritis have found relief in this form of exercise.
Herewith a comprehensive video on Tai Chi. It is somewhat lengthy but explains the entire process quite well.



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profile-pic-2Sarina often sat on the peaks of the dunes of Southern Africa watching the ocean tide drift in. A daydreamer, often dreaming up stories for lands somewhere over the rainbow. She is a mother, a wife, a blogger and an overall creative spirit. Above all, she is a human being.

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