How to survive the #AtoZChallenge while pregnant – my reflection post

If plan “A” does not work out, don’t worry the alphabet still has 25 more letters!


This was my strategy for this years A to Z Challenge.  “Do not freak out and take it easy. I am after all pregnant.” I had already written a few posts before the challenge started. A to G were already scheduled by 1st April.

I could not get round to visiting any blogs from the list though. I tried visiting most of the bloggers who visited me. While this may not be the ideal tactic for such a huge link up, I’d felt better doing it like that than getting blog burn out.

The first few weeks of pregnancy can be quite tiring. The only thing I felt like on some days was sleep. With the fatigue I was experiencing, I decided to go with the backup plan for a few of the later posts. The backup plan consisted of making good use of online resources and using readily available quotes. Still, finding the appropriate You Tube Video and or quote was time consuming.

I’d planed on writing a post about Rest or Sleep, but simply could not find myself broaching the subject with the way I was feeling. Luckily, for most of the letters I had already thought up different subjects to write about.

The posts after all did not need to be all that long, so for some posts I kept it short and sweet.

For those who missed these posts in April, there is a list with the links if you scoll down a bit. My subject was wellness. Some of the posts were very well received. I did try to approach the subject in a useful and realistic manner.

I can now proudly call myself an A to Z Challenge survivor. You can now all hear me ROAR!

So in short, how to survive the A to Z blogging challenge while pregnant:

  • At least have your content planned out before signing up
  • Have a few posts lined up before the challenge starts
  • Take it easy. Take care of yourself and family first.
  • Prioritize available blogging time to writing posts first.
  • Don’t be afraid to make use of online resources such as You Tube to fill your content.
  • Everybody loves quotes, so go right ahead and use them
  • Short and Sweet is sufficient
  • Have a backup subject available

Shining Seeds list of posts on wellness for the April 2016 A to Z Challenge:


A is for Affirmations

B is for Breath

C is for Chakra

D is for Detox

E is for Exercise

F is for Feng Shui

G is for Gratitude

H is for Habits

I is for Inspiration

J is for Journey

K is for Kin

L is for Laughter

M is for Mindfulness

N is for Nourish

O is for Outdoors

P is for Posture

Q is for Quartz

R is for Rooibos

S is for Saline

T is for Tai Chi

U is for Unforgiven

V is for Vital Signs

W is Water

X is for X-Factor

Y is for Yoga

Z is for Zen


Whoop! Whoop!, to all my fellow survivors. How did your challenge go?

About the Author

profile-pic-2Sarina often sat on the peaks of the dunes of Southern Africa watching the ocean tide drift in. A daydreamer, often dreaming up stories for lands somewhere over the rainbow. She is a mother, a wife, a blogger and an overall creative spirit. Above all, she is a human being.

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10 thoughts on “How to survive the #AtoZChallenge while pregnant – my reflection post”

  1. Congratulations on finishing the A-Z challenge! And, since I missed saying it when you announced your pregnancy on the coffee chat, congratulations on your pregnancy!


  2. Congratulations on finishing. I admit I often duck out of the reading world in April because I love so many people who do A to Z (I do not…too much pressure) and I just can’t keep up. Great list of topics!
    My daughter and I LOVE that song! She likes to hear it on the way to her karate class. Gets her pumped up, I think. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yea, it is really hard keeping up with everyone, even on normal months.
      lol yea it is such an awesome song. Your daughter probably likes the one by Rachel Plattin too – Fight song. ?
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on completing the challenge 🙂 I couldn’t imagine doing the challenge and not visiting some of the blogs off the list, the connecting with new bloggers is the best part for me!


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