Your screen has landed at the Shining Seeds web-blog. You may now loosen your seat- belt, close all your other windows and enjoy a cup of coffee (Tea or other beverage)

Welcome! My name is Sarina and I will be your guide for the duration of your stay here. Join me in this personal journey as I write myself into wellness.

What are Shining Seeds?

You may never know how far your seeds will fly! The thoughts and feelings we have negative or positive have an impact on those touched. When we put them into writing, it is as much a seed planted in our own mind as it is also a seed planted in the mind of those who have read them. These people will, in turn, grow their own thoughts and feelings and continue the process of sowing seeds.

Some seeds will grow into beautiful little flowers; others may grow into large fruit bearing trees. Some may wither and return into the circle of life. Although, it is my experience that nothing ever spread out into the wide world of the Internet truly disappears. Therefore, I focus on the seeds of positivity – the shining ones.


This thy time to shine

Seeds of positivity

Grow beyond the mind.



The what? (Focus)

As I have mentioned this is very much a personal journey blog. It is the personal journey of an aspiring author with a bad case of depression and a need to focus on wellness.

The keywords therefore are:

Personal Journey

Writing & Literature


That sums up this space in five words. One of those words is:


Since I am the author of this blog, I would need to define what wellness means to me, to enable you to understand this space. As you may have noticed, I am not exactly one of the most formal types of blogger. I like to break things down in human language – so do not worry, jargon will be explained and kept to a minimum.

According to Wikipedia:” Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.” This is also my general understanding of wellness. It is a broad term within the “lifestyle” niche of blogging. Primarily it is about inspiration, encouragement, motivation and positivity.

The eight elements of wellness are:

  1. Environmental: How a person contributes to their environment, community and living space.
  2. Social: This includes Social networks, community, connection and a human support system i.e. friendships and family.
  3. Occupational: Personal job satisfaction
  4. Financial: Contentment in financial situations – current and future
  5. Physical: creating healthy eating habits, good physical activity and everything associated with taking responsibility on caring for yourself, including when to seek out medical services.
  6. Emotional: Coping with life
  7. Spiritual: meaning and purpose in life
  8. Intellectual: Creativity, expanding skills (know-how) and sharing gifts with others.

As you can see that is quite a list of things. This being also a personal blog I would like to take this opportunity to look at that last point: “Sharing gifts with others” where we now also come to the “Who” section of this About page.

The author of Shining Seeds


I relish writing and will also be using this blog to talk about my writing projects. Additionally, you may find speckles of poetry and creative writing. I blog and write under the name: Sarina Steinlein. – Yes, this is a pen name of sorts. I live in the Southern African region of this globe. Being a mother and wife are central to my life. I also love animals. Blogging and writing at this time are still part-time enjoyment for me, since I am employed full day.

Occasionally I also enjoy other creative outlets such as painting, sketching, photography and Photoshop design.

I’ve made finding inner peace and tranquility a focus in my life after a terrible time of severe depression, something I’m still struggling with.

I hope you will find this blog both informative and uplifting while you enjoy the unique aroma my voice gives to the subjects of my pieces of writing.

How to get in touch:

Should you like to get in touch, feel free to check out my Contact me page!

Find me on  Social Media:

Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/SarinaSteinlein

Twitter: www.twitter.com/ShiningSeeds

Pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/sarinasteinlein/


Awards free

Please note that this is an awards free blog.

18 thoughts on “About”

  1. A pleasure to meet you Sarina. You’ve chosen a theme for your blog that is close to my heart…wellness is a broad topic that we can all learn from and one that deserves more of our attention. I wish you great success with your blog…and many thanks for visiting and following my blog.


  2. Hi Sarina. I love your about page and blog themes. I too started my blog as a way to focus on wellness and creativity. Thanks for following my blog. May we shine brightly with our seeds of light. blessings, Brad


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