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April , April, it will do as it will

One of my teachers in school had her birthday on April first. She was a well-loved woman, already quite old by the time I had gotten there. Being as it was her birthday some of the kids decided to give her a gift. It was also the ideal opportunity to prank the poor ol’ lady.

Some of the boys took a matchbox and put a giant armored ground cricket. Now, if you ask me that is one of the ugliest insects to crawl this earth. And while it may be argued that I’m most defiantly not an insect person, this was an ingenious way to prank someone (I would be jumping out of my socks if it was me)The boys’ then gift wrapped the matchbox and gave it to the woman as a birthday present.

Unfortunately, I was not there to see her reaction – but she seemed to have taken it in good spirit. Maybe it was not the first time someone had thought to prank her on her birthday.


Over the years I’ve witnessed many a practical joke on April first. Some of them weren’t so funny. As I guess it really depends on the point of view if something is funny or not.

Be that as it may, laughter is really the best medicine. So here for April Fools is a video for your enjoyment. I’ve gone to look for a video from South African prankster Leon Schuster.

(Taken as there’s always someone who finds something offensive on the internet these days … This one is relatively safe and hopefully not offensive to anyone.)


P.S. This was the fourth day of ‘it does not need to be perfect,‘ a series I’m currently running on this here blog.


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